Real Estate Company Uses Facebook Profiles to Create ‘Social Home Tour’

Carvalho Hosken - Social Home Tour

Anyone who’s spent any time watching TV shows about real estate, and house flipping have seen the extra work that sellers do to ‘stage’ the home. Some fresh paint, new landscaping, rented furniture and a plate full of fresh cookies in the kitchen presents the home in it’s best light.

Brazilian real estate company Carvalho Hosken had decided to launch a new condominium in an affluent area of Rio de Janeiro. Their challenge was to market the condos as tailor-made without sounding like a bad real estate ad cliche.

The company prepared a decorated unit complete with digital frames that pulled in and displayed photos from the customer’s Facebook photo albums (the customers had been asked to reserve a showing using their Facebook profile). Using the work address from their profile, the best route was plotted onto a map.

Creepy or smart?

Did it work? According to the video 28% of visits were converted into sales (three times the normal success rate).

The Social Home Tour was created by Brazilian agency Artplan.