Creepy Hair Salon Stunt Scares-Up Interest for The Last Exorcism, Part II

The Last Exorcism Part II - Hair Salon Stunt

In 2010, the independently produced horror movie ‘The Last Exorcism’ became a major hit, grossing a total of $41 million, many times over it’s original budget of $1.8 million. The film generated buzz with a grassroots campaign on Chatroulette, in which a girl begins to unbutton her top before transforming into a frightening vision before the viewers eyes. A clip collecting the best of viewer’s reactions have generated millions of views on YouTube.

The sequel, creatively titled ‘The Last Exorcism, Part II‘, is due to be released this Friday. To help generate the same kind of online buzz for the sequel, CBS Films set up cameras in a hair salon and filmed the results as they scared the crap out of customers, thanks to an actress (in creepy possessed-look make-up) positioned behind a two-way mirror.

While the stunt is predictable and not well-produced (or at least the video isn’t), but that hasn’t stopped it from generating over 1.5 million views in less than a week.

[UPDATE March 3] The film wrapped up it’s opening weekend in fourth place, grossing $8 million.

Be warned: Video contains strong language and super-creepy visuals.

[via Business Insider]