Morton Promotes Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt with ‘Best in Snow’ Photo Competition

Morton Safe-T-Pet  - Best in Snow

With some areas of the US and Canada already receiving their first snowfalls, that means that soon our roads and sidewalks will be covered with salt and ice-melting products. Some of these products can cause irritation to our dog’s feet, or cause stomach issues which could lead to more serious health issues.

To promote the use of their Safe-T-Pet Pet Care Ice Melt, Morton Salt is hosting a ‘Best in Snow’ pet photo competition.

Pet owners are invited to submit pictures of their pet suited up and ready for winter, with the winner receiving $10,000 in cash and prizes. To kick-off the photo contest, DDB Chicago has fun spoof of dog shows, highlighting the ‘preliminary entries’.


Cat Risks Nine Lives for Purrfect Car in New Zealand Toyota Ad

Toyota Corolla - Alloroc the Cat

Without giving it all away, this New Zealand ad for Toyota Corolla may not be the best one for overly-sensitive cat lovers to watch.

In the ad, Alloroc, a hyper-focused, puff ball of a cat falls hard for the serenity of the new Toyota Corolla (it even kind of matches it’s fur). After just one ride to the vet, the cat is smitten and will do ‘anything’ for another drive. Soon certain ‘accidents’ begin to happen around the neighbourhood.

The TV ad is supported by a website featuring downloadable Alloroc wallpapers, as well as a CatCam walkaround of the car features inside and out. A special window sticker of Alloroc is available from Toyota dealers in New Zealand.

The ad was created by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, directed by Hamish Rothwell for Goodoil.

New Zealand

Columbia Sportwear Presents the Angry Cat Challenge

Columbia Sportswear - Angry Cat ChallengeColumbia’s latest marketing campaign, ‘Great Moments in Trying Stuff’ features several videos showing some, well… unique tests of the sportswear-maker’s products.

The series includes the clip ‘Five-Bean Salad‘, showing the Columbia test team using their drainable shoe to strain the beans.

Another, titled ‘Sweaty Buns‘ features a gut-wrenching taste test featuring two hot dog buns that have been ‘marinating’ inside the jackets of two mountain bikers. One biker wearing a Columbia breathable jacket; the other wearing a jacket that holds all of that delicious sweat inside.

My favorite of the series, ‘Angry Cat‘ (embedded above) features a cranky water-hating cat (is there any other kind) wearing a tiny water-resistant jacket, that supposedly keeps him happy and dry.