Molson Creates Beer Fridge That Can Only Be Opened With Canadian Passport

Molson Canadian - Beer Fridge Opens by Canadian Passport

Just in time for Canada Day, we have a new ad for Molson Canadian, but it has me thinking that someone’s been watching too many Coca-Cola Happiness Machine videos. However, a fridge full of cold beer has far more potential to spread happiness as far a I am concerned.

The ad created by Rethink, features a beer fridge created by London(UK)-based effects company Artem. The bright red fridge was left at random spots in France, Belgium and the UK, and could only be opened by scanning a Canadian passport.

Thankfully for the thirsty locals, a Canadian tourist is quickly located nearby. Their passport scanned and cold bottles of Molson Canadian is distributed for all to enjoy.

Building The Beer Fridge

[via Globe & Mail]


Just in Time for Canada Day – the Molson Canadian National Canthem

Molson Canadian National Canthem

I was kind of ‘ho hum’ about this video until I saw that drum kit constructed out of Molson kegs and beer cases. That was the moment that I rose up, stood on guard for thee, and did my best Neil Peart-esque drum-roll across the coffee table. But hold on, is that a didgeridoo of beer cans? Brilliance!

Yes, it’s true that we Canadians love our beer, but there are few things that quickly turn a Canucks smile upside down than an empty can or bottle of that beer. Thankfully these guys have taken all those empty cans, bottles and even the beer caps and brought them together to make the sweetest noise ever; the Canadian National anthem ‘Oh Canada’.

And, for those of you who are not fortunate to live here in the great white north, this Sunday is Canada Day. The day that we all finally shoo away the wolves and polar bears and kick back in our patios, decks and wharfs and raise a frosty ‘stagger-pop’ to the land of the maple leaf.