Subaru Has Toronto Newspaper Readers Seeing Double

Subaru BRZ

Readers of Toronto weekly ‘The Grid’ were seeing double this weekend. The front cover of the newspaper looked different depending on what angle you were looking.

From one angle it looked like a regular cover of the Grid highlighting the important stories in the issue. Turn your head slightly and an ad for the 2013 Subaru BRZ appears out of flames.

This trick-of-the-eye is a technique called lenticular printing, which was actually invented back in the 1940s but has evolved recently to add more depth and motion.

The creative for the ad comes from Subaru’s agency DDB Canada.


In Case of Wine Emergency Break Glass

Wine Country Ontario Bus Shelter

Here in Toronto we are surrounded by Wine Country. A short drive in any direction will bring wine lovers to the doorsteps of world-class wineries, and the tagline of Wine Country Ontario’s new campaign ‘So close you can taste it’ reinforces this fortunate proximity.

However, one place you might not expect to stumble upon a glass of Ontario wine is mounted behind plexiglas in a transit shelter, but that’s exactly what Torontonians will be seeing over the next few weeks.

It’s part of the The Wine Country Ontario ‘Drink it All In’ scavenger hunt. To win, entrants must tweet a photo of the bus shelter before July 6 with the #SoCloseYouCanTasteIt hashtag (wow, long hashtag) and mention @WineCountryOnt in the post. To figure out where in downtown Toronto the bus shelter is, follow the clues shared on the @WineCountryOnt Twitter account. On July 10, a winner will be randomly selected from all the eligible photo submissions.

The lucky winner collects a sweet prize package that includes:
– One night accommodation for two at Huff Estates Winery in Prince Edward County
– Vineyard lunch for two at Norman Hardie Winery
– Wine and cheese pairings for two at Rosehall Run Winery
– Flight of three wines for two people at Sandbanks Estate Winery
– Dinner for two at Blumen Garden Bistro

Details on the scavenger hunt contest can be found on the Wine Country Ontario Facebook page.

The ‘Drink it all in’ campaign was created by Toronto’s Agency59.


Tweet For Free Ben & Jerry’s Today in Toronto

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Movement

via @BenJerryCanada

With the sun shining and the temperatures starting to creeping back up into the high 20s, people in downtown Toronto and especially those attending some of the NXNE events are going to be looking ways to cool off today.

Ben & Jerry’s Canada are coming to the rescue for the overheated music, film and interactive fans. If you’re at Dundas-Square just look for the Ben & Jerry’s ambassadors for a free scoop of ice cream.

If you’re in other areas of downtown branded eco-cabs hauling mini freezers will be delivering free scoops of ice cream to the top tweeted intersections in downtown Toronto. Grab your friends, coworkers and start sending out tweets with the #scoopmovement hashtag.

Giant Vending Machine Dispenses British Columbia Experiences

100BCMomentsSan Franciscans passing by Justin Herman Plaza on May 17 stumbled across a 14-foot-tall, 10 foot-wide vending machine that appeared overnight. No, it wasn’t another magical Coke machine. This was the BC Moments Machine, a promotion for Tourism British Columbia and the 100BCMoments website encouraging people to consider a visit to BC this summer.

Throughout the day the BC Moments Machine ‘dispensed’ such exciting items as mountain bikes, kayaks and BC-made surfboards.

The experiential campaign was created by Citizen Optimum, with the vending machine produced by The Media Merchants.


WestJet Introduces Child-Free Cabins with Kargo Kids Program

WestJetThis morning Richard Bartrem, VP Communication at WestJet Airlines introduced a new service that comes as welcome news to exhausted parents and short-tempered airline customers.

The airline is introducing child-free cabins at select WestJet flights through a program called Kargo Kids. WestJet customer service agents will help parents load their kids into specially designed ‘travel toboggans’, and can relax as their children are whisked away on a magic carpet ride.

On board Kargo Kids Kounselors (I imagine it’s pelled with a ‘K’ also) will keep your kids entertained with plenty of toys and a state-of-the-art feed trough. Your kids will arrive safely along with the luggage and other kids at your travel destination.

But, don’t get too excited about booking those child-free flights just yet. If you look at the calendar you’ll notice today is April Fool’s day.

However, it is no joke that WestJet is offering people using the LOL12 promo code an extra 10% off on bookings made before April 3, 2012. More details on the deal at


Vancouver Aquarium Promote Babies Exhibit with Pregnancy Tests for Men

Vancouver Aquarium BabiesThe men watching the hockey game back on March 6 at Vancouver’s Speakeasy Bar & Grill were in for two surprises. The first was watching their beloved Canucks lose 5-2 to the Dallas Stars, and the second was finding a pregnancy test mounted inside the urinals.

The pregnancy test sticks were treated with a heat-sensitive material and once ‘peed on’ displayed a positive sign indicating that the man was pregnant. A poster mounted above the urinal showed a pregnant male seahorse and copy that read, “In an aquatic land not so far away, mommies aren’t the only ones who get pregnant.”

The campaign was launched to promote the ‘Babies’, the Vancouver Aquarium’s spring exhibit that runs until May 6. Visitors to the aquarium learned about unusual ways that different animal species breed and care for their offspring.

A print campaign with the tagline “Baby stories unlike any other” featured mockups of children’s books titled ‘Goodbye Tail, Hello Legs‘ about tadpoles turning into frogs, and a slightly disturbing “I Love All My Eggs the Same (Including the ones I eat)“. QR codes on the posters link to YouTube videos where a narrator reads each of the short stories.

The ‘Baby stories unlike any other’ campaign was created by Taxi Vancouver.

Budweiser Surprises Toronto Rec-League Teams in Super Bowl Ad

Budweiser Canada Flash Fans AdWhen the guys from Les Amigos and the Toronto Generals showed up for their recreational league game at the Port Credit arena (capacity 700) back in December they had little idea what was in store for them. The two teams had been told that a documentary production crew was at the rink was there to shoot footage about rec league hockey.

During the second period, 500 fans in team colours, costumes and bodypaint rushed into the tiny arena to the surprise of the players. As Budweiser banners around the rink were unfurled the fans were followed by costumed team mascots and a play-by-play crew and soon gave the quiet rec-league game an NHL atmosphere, including kerfluffles.

Tied at the end of regulation time, the Generals came out on top 4-3 after an overtime goal. I suspect both teams had ample opportunity to celebrate with a few Buds after the game.

It’s a thrill to see the local Port Credit hockey arena featured in a national ad. The 52 year-old arena had only recently re-opened after over a year of extensive renovations.

The ad will be seen this Sunday during CTV’s Super Bowl broadcast.

Hey Ladies, It’s Time to Play ‘Try to Look Pretty Without Poisoning Yourself’

Environmental Defence - Look Pretty Without Killing YourselfEnvironmental Defence, the Canadian environmental action organization has launched a new campaign to create awareness and urge the Canadian government to ban the chemicals and toxins that are found in the personal care and beauty products of Canadian women (and no doubt men).

In the 60 second spot features Jackie, a working mom appearing as a contestant on the game show ‘Try to Look Pretty Without Poisoning Yourself’. She’s asked to choose to choose the cosmetic product that doesn’t contain toxins and cancer-causing chemicals. However the game show is rigged as Canadian cosmetic regulations don’t force companies to disclose the toxic ingredients in many of their products.

Ouch, boo and eww…

More information is available at or you can take action now by signing the petition.

The campaign was created by Toronto creative agency Open and the spot was produced by Partner Films.

Calgary Philharmonic Chorus Sings Winter Warm-Up Tweets

Calgary Philharmonic Chorus Sings Winter Warm-Up TweetsIt’s true that Calgary can be a pretty cold place in the winter, but like most places here in the Great White North, Calgarians have developed unique ways to stay warm when the snow begins to pile up and the temperatures start to drop.

To help warm up the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus for the 2011 winter season, Tourism Calgary asked its Twitter followers to tweet their answers to the question, “How do you stay warm in #YYC?”. The tweets using the hashtag #cpowarmup were brought together and the 20 best ones were set to the music of ‘O Fortuna’ by Chorus Master Timothy Shantz.

The results were recorded on November 29 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall and feature such helpful keep warm tips as, “Bowls of noodles, Warm hot chocolate, Gravy Action on my cheese”, “Try hot yoga! or a nose hat! Or black silk long underwear” or my personal favorite “Clothes in dryer. Set the timer. Hop into a warm outfit”.

The project was created by Vancouver social media agency Village & Co.. The video was shot and edited by Calgary’s Nur Films.

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FedEx Canada Plays Shipping Box Dominoes in Promo Video

FedEx Canada Uses Shipping Boxes as DominoesTo promote their ‘less urgent’ shipping services to the US, FedEx Canada has created a fun video showing a bow-tied Canada Goose in Montreal shipping a miniature hockey stick to a super-cute puppy in what appears to be Miami. Let this be a lesson to those shiftless geese hanging around here in the local parks. “Get a job and stop crapping on the sidewalks!”

The route is represented by hundreds of Fedex boxes being toppled like dominoes. I love the moment where the large cylinder is pushed toward another group of boxes, then the boxes topple in a circle and roll back through the cylinder.

I can’t wait to see the ‘Making Of’ video. I’m curious how just many shipping boxes were used as dominoes, and how many takes were required to get all the effects to work seamlessly.

The ad was created by BBDO Canada.