Paratroopers, Falconer, Sushi & More. Mini USA Creates the Best Test Drive Ever

Mini USA: The Best Test Drive EverBack in October MINI USA asked it’s fans on Twitter and Facebook to describe their idea for ‘The Best Test Drive Ever’ using just six words. At the end of the contest period, Portland, Oregon Graphic Designer Mathew Foster’s submission:’stewardess, salt flats, sushi, paratroopers and falconer’ was chosen by the judges from over 14,000 entries.

That 6 word submission has been turned into an epic 2-minute video starring Mathew himself. The film opens with Mathew (well, maybe a stunt driver) sliding his MINI Coupe through the streets of LA. Matthew’s co-pilot turns out to be a beautiful stewardess who announces “Thank you for choosing to fly MINI Air, our cruising altitude today will be 10,000 feet.” He then drives off of a huge ramp, launching the car into the middle of the salt flats. Overhead several paratroopers drop from a helicopter and take their place as human pylons, before the car slides through a mocked up sushi restaurant filled with sullen manniquins. The film ends with Matthew pumping his fist into the air as Swedish metal band Falconer rocks out in the background.

The film began airing in theaters across the US over the holiday season, but can also be found on the MINI USA website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

The campaign was created by MINI USA’s agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partner. The video was directed by Erich Joiner of Tool USA and the team used stunt driver Diajiro Yoshihari for the trickier parts of the driving.

via Autoblog