Ex-Lover Blocker App Saves the Heartbroken From Themselves

Guaraná Antarctica Ex Lover Blocker

Guaraná Antarctica, the second best-selling soft drink brand in Brazil (second only to Coca-Cola) wants to save the newly heartbroken from a moment of weakness. With tongue planted firmly in cheek and a focus on it’s young male target audience, Guaraná Antarctica and it’s ad agency have come up with the Ex-Lover Blocker mobile app.

The app seeks to help friends protect their heartbroken friend from calling the ‘ex’. The user starts by blocking the contact number of the ‘ex’ (in the case of this demo her name is ‘Maria’), then selecting the contact information of close friends to help keep an eye on him. Then when he tries to call the ‘ex’, the app alerts his friends instead. If he declines their support and continues on with the fateful call, a message is posted on his Facebook wall highlighting his moment of weakness.

Yes, of course the app juvenile and when you think about it, Maria is probably way better off without this knucklehead and his buddies anyway.

The ex-Lover Blocker was created by DDB Brazil, and can be downloaded free from the Apple App store.


Your Rock & Roll Dream Is Just a Pee Away with the Urinal Guitar

Billboard Brazil Guitar Pee

It seems that lately men’s washrooms around the world are becoming gaming destinations. All it takes to play is a full bladder and a little bit of aim. In just the past few months I’ve posted examples such from the Amsterdam, Vancouver and São Paulo, Brazil.

In fact, the city of São Paulo is where the latest example of this trend has been rolled out. Guitar Pee (I would have called it ‘Urinal Hero’) is a promotion for the Brazilian edition of Billboard Magazine, the long-running industry publication of the music and entertainment industry.

The stunt is part of Billboard’s ‘Music. We Know it Comes from Everywhere’ campaign, and in this case the music is coming from a urinal that has been fitted-out with sensors that play a variety of guitar sounds when they are, well… peed on.

When a participant has completed their solo, a code appears on the digital display that corresponds to an MPee3 file (yes, they went there) posted at guitarpee.com. To listen to the recorded solos use your mobile phone or tablet.

The ‘Guitar Pee’ campaign was created by AlmapBBDO, São Paulo.

Via DeathandTaxesMag.com


Camp Nectar Creates ‘Real’ Fruit Boxes From ‘Real’ Fruit

Camp Nectar Real Juice BoxesThe video really explains it all, and they sing it to the tune of ‘Old McDonalds’s Farm’. Camp Nectar wanted a way to promote that their juice boxes are made with real fruit juices.

Brazilian ad agency ageisobar came up with the idea to create ‘real’ fruit boxes. They created plastic molds and placed them around the passion fruits and guava still growing on the trees on a farm in Paranapanema.

After two years of experiments, they finally achieved their goal and were able to create over 1100 of the juice-box shaped fruits.

The results of their efforts were exhibited in supermarkets, fairs and fruit markets.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen fruits grown in odd shapes, back in 2009 a Japanese farmer grew heart-shaped watermelons and not to be outdone the chinese grew pears in the shape of Buddah.


Scotch Brite asks São Paulo diners, “Don’t Want to Pay the Bill, Wash the Dishes”

Scotch Brite - Don't Want to Pay the Bill? Wash the DishesHow do you create a fun experiential campaign to promote a dish washing sponge to an audience in their 20s? Buy them dinner.

3M’s Scotch Brite may be the #1 sponge brand in Brazil, but there was little awareness among the younger audience. For one week Scotch Brite teamed up with São Paulo restaurants that were frequented by the target market.

When the bill arrived, the diners were presented with an intriguing offer. Instead of a bill, the waitress passed them a Scotch Brite sponge with the message; “Don’t Want to Pay the Bill, Wash the Dishes”.

As explained in the video, for a relatively small investment and using the element of an unexpected surprise, Scotch Brite created a ‘try-it-yourself’ experience worth talking about.

The ‘Wash Your Bill’ campaign was created by Grey 141’s office in São Paulo.


Fiat Illustrates Fuel Economy of Novo Uno with ‘Powered by Pee’ Test-Drive

Fiat 'Powered by Pee' Test DrivesBefore you start envisioning the image of a dude using the gas tank of an unsuspecting Fiat Uno new… sorry, what? I’m too late?

The Fiat ‘If Pee Were Gas’ campaign out of Brazil does indeed feature several dudes doing their business, but thankfully this ‘test-drive’ challenge was confined to the men’s washroom of the bar.

Flow monitors were installed in the urinals, and a small digital screen was placed onto the wall above it. The more pee that flowed, the further the image of the Fiat Uno New traveled on the twisting roads on the digital screen. A small image of the player’s face was captured and placed onto a leaderboard along with the distance their Fiat Novo Uno drove. Thankfully the functionality to actually steer the car weren’t included.

Did it work? The case study video explains that searches for the Uno on Fiat’s website rose 12% during the promotion, and fuel-economy became the first feature mentioned at the moment of purchase (second was design).

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett Tailor Made.


Brazil Tourism Board Transforms YouTube Channel Into Interactive Vacation Planner

Brazil Tourism Board - YouTube Vacation PlannerBack in September I published a post about the creative ways that organizations are using their YouTube brand channels including Perrier’s ‘Le Club’, Dodge Journey Scavenger Hunt, Royal New Zealand Air Force’s Step Up recruitment campaign and Kiwibank’s Green Ops.

Brazilian tourism board is the latest to transform their YouTube channel beyond a simple library of videos to an interactive destination. The channel features 253 videos of various destinations and events around Brazil.

Visitors can filter the videos by selecting which month they are traveling, how long they plan to stay, who they are traveling with and what type of things they are interested in doing (from shopping to sports to nature). Visitors can add videos that interest them to their itinerary with the click of a button. Once the site visitor has selected their destinations, the itinerary can be saved and shared to their Facebook profile.

350,000 Post-It Notes Animate Melissa Shoes’ Power of Love Campaign

Melissa Power of Love Post-it Notion AnimationIf I have more than 4 Post-It notes at my desk I start stressing out, so I can’t imagine being surrounded by this many. But if the results were as beautiful as this I think I’d be OK.

Brazilian footwear manufacturer Melissa worked together with 3M to create this jaw dropping installation at their Galeria Melissa flagship store in São Paulo.

The project promotes their the Melissa spring/summer collection of footwear, Melissa Power of Love. Visitors to the store left their mark on the project, adding 30,000 thoughts of love on the Post-It Notes.

The project took 25 animators almost 5 months and 350,000 colored Post-its to create this amazing and inspiring piece of work.

Damned Ponies Power This Weird Brazilian Nissan Truck Ad

Nissan Damned Ponies!This Brazilian commercial for the Nissan Frontier may just win the award (if they have one) for the weirdest truck commercial ever. Thank goodness I don’t understand Portuguese, otherwise the first time I saw this ad I would have been far more freaked out than I was.

In this ad for the Nissan Frontier pickup we watch an unlucky driver get his truck stuck in the mud. Frustrated, he yells out ‘Damned Ponies!! He opens the hood and we see that his truck is indeed powered by a trio of “pôneis malditos” (damn ponies) prancing happily on a merry-go-round.

The ponies then sing their song “Damned ponies, damned ponies, come get stuck with us. I hate mud, I hate sludge… what a yuck!! I won’t get movin’.” Watch a version of the ad with subtitles.

Just when you thought it was over a pink pony prances out and says “Hey you, don’t close that video yet, let me tell you something”. Then the pony changes into an evil black horse with blazing red eyes and a voice straight out of a hell says “If you don’t show this video to ten people, you will suffer the curse of the pony. You will live the rest of your life with this song stuck in your head!”

At the end of the video there is a link to www.maldicaodoponei.com.br, where visitors can send a curse to their friend or post a video of their own curses. Brazilians must be huge fans of curses or animated ponies as the original ad posted on YouTube features nearly 3.5 million views in the 4 days since July 29.

The ad was created by São Paulo agency Lew’LaraTBWA. Now all that’s left are the lawsuits from My Little Pony.