Fans (Literally) Download Band to the Stage at Coca-Cola Sponsored Rock Show

Coke FM Download ConcertHow many times have you gone to a rock concert and thought the band playing up on stage was high. In the case of this concert in Bogata, Colombia sponsored by Coca Cola to promote its online radio station , the band was indeed high, 50 metres high to be exact. (I know, bad joke… and just say no to drugs)

The band began their performance on a small platform 50 metres above the stage. The only way the audience could get the band lowered to stage level was to ‘download’ their songs. Each time the audience downloaded a song, the band played it and they were lowered 10 metres until they eventually reached the stage level.

50,000 songs were downloaded from the website in just an hour, which saw 337% more visitors than usual.

The stunt was created by Ogilvy & Mather Bogata and was so successful that similar concerts are now planned for Quito (Ecadour), São Paulo and Mexico City.