BMW Switzerland Recruits Backseat Singers to Create the World’s Fastest Christmas Song

BMW Switzerland - Fastest Christmas Carol

So, just how do you create the world’s fastest Christmas Song?

BMW Switzerland and their agency Draftfcb, Zurich first recruited a group the brave singers of Zurich A Cappella, and suited them with safety gear and strapped them into a new BMW M135i. Then set them loose on the Circuit de l’Anneau du Rhin with Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters pro driver Martin Tomczyk at the wheel.

Between squealing tires and screaming passengers the group did manage to get through a few verses of Jingle Bells before their adventure was over.

Not satisfied withe simply terrorizing vocalists, BMW Switzerland recruited illustrator, Gavin Patterson to create artwork for the ‘World’s Fastest Christmas Card‘ while riding shotgun with BMW precision driver Urs Inauen. The resulting art required labels to help identify Santa and his presents among the marker scribbles.

World’s Fastest Christmas Song

World’s Fastest Christmas Card

[via Ads of the World]


BMW Canada Promotes Speedy M5 Sedan with Slow-Mo ‘Bullet’ video

BMW M5 Bullet

No doubt inspired by the iconic images of Harold E. Edgerton, who used special stroboscopic equipment to capture striking photographs of events such as a bullet bursting balloons or going through an apple, BMW Canada has created a ad featuring the 560-horsepower M5 sedan as the ‘bullet’.

The ad features the M5 bursting out of a tunnel (barrel of the gun) before smashing through a giant glass apple, bursting 3 massive water balloons with it’s antenna before blasting through a target all captured in ultra-slow motion. The question everyone is asking is, how much of it was created using CGI? Recent BMW ads with the Walls and Helipad ads.

The ‘Bullet’ High Performance Art video was created by Toronto’s Cundari Advertising.


BMW Presents: How to Steal Jewelry in 10 Easy Steps

BMW VisionConnected Drive - Jewelry HeistI’m reasonably sure that BMW is not endorsing criminal behavior with this tongue in cheek instructional video. But if you’ve chosen a life of crime you might as well do it with style in BMWs Vision ConnectedDrive concept car. The car was first unveiled back in March at the Geneva Auto Share as part research tool and a glimpse into the future of mobile networking.

The 2011 version of ConnectedDrive technology combines driver assistance, online applications and integration of mobile devices and is available on all new BMWs.