Blink-182 Taps YouTube Fan Clips For New Video

Blink 182Blink-182 hasn’t released an album in nearly 8 years, and for some folks that’s just fine. Judgmental rock-snob comments aside, the trio of Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker are back after a few years of side projects, reality shows and near-death experiences, and they’re set to release a new album entitled Neighborhoods.

For the video of the album’s first single ‘Up All Night‘ the band (with some help from AT&T) searched for fan videos on YouTube that had used their music without permission. They cheekily-titled the project ‘The Blink-182 Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered’, and edited together dozens of clips from the 170,000 results.

I’m not ambitious enough to start digging through YouTube’s Terms of Service, but I’m not sure Blink-182 can technically use the video clips for promoting their new album either. I’m sure someone got YouTube’s permission. For now, let’s tack it up to a little tit-for-tat between the band and it’s fans.

If you’d like to watch the original fan-made videos, click on the Blink-182 logo that appears as Tom & Mark read out the names of the selected videos.

As part of their partnership Blink-182 is also appearing in ads for AT&T’s HTC Status where they glow like smurfs mimicking the blue glow of the phone.