Exploring the Cosmos With Bjork’s Biophilia App

Bjork - BiophiliaWhether you enjoy Bjork’s music or not, you do have to appreciate her creative ambitions and refusal to follow the tried and true. And please shut the hell up about the swan dress, that was nearly 10 years ago. Musically though, I’m still partial to Bjork’s earlier solo albums like Post and Homogenic and Vespertine, but her more recent experimental projects like Medúlla and Volta still hold a spot in my music library.

Back in June I posted that Bjork was set to release her new project, album, collection (what the heck do you call these things anyway?) Biophilia as 10 iPad apps within a mother app.

On June 19, the Biophilia mother app was released in the App Store. The opening interface works as a 3-dimensional view of the a Bjork cosmos. Each of the 10 tracks appears within that cosmos and can be found by swiping and rotating the 3D constellations.

The Biophilia app can be downloaded for free and comes with the ‘Cosmogong’ installed. The app features an animated introduction to the concept of Biophilia featuring the voice of David Attenborough. This track explores creation myths and explains that the big bang theory may be this civilization’s creation story. This might be more fun if you could dance to it.

Previews of the track Crystalline have been played on the web for a few weeks now, and now it appears here as the first app/track for in-app purchase. Crystalline can be played as a scrolling interactive stream or as a game, collecting crystals as the user navigates through 3D tunnels by tilting the iPad.

It should be interesting to see the creativity that Bjork and her creative team explore in the other 8 apps. If you’re a Bjork fan without an iPad, don’t fret. The songs will be released as a traditional digital and physical album on September 27th.

The Biophilia app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store, each of the tracks, or individual apps can be downloaded for $1.99 as they become available.

Biophilia was designed by MSM (Paris) and produced and engineered by Scott Snibbe Studio.

Bjork to Release New Album Biophilia as 10 iPad Apps

Bjork is certainly no stranger to innovation. She’s been a fearless artist and performer throughout her career, first as a member of the Sugarcubes in the 1980s and as a solo artist since 1993.

She is set to release her seventh album Biophilia later this month. Today she gave the world a 30-second sneak listen to the first track Crystalline (see the video below) heard over her car stereo.

Besides the traditional release (CD & digital download) of the album alongwith music videos, the big news is that ten tracks on Biophilia will all be released as 10 iPad apps. Each app will be housed inside a single ‘mother’ app and will allow fans to interact with the song’s themes or create their own versions of the music.

She is set to premiere Biophilia at 6 performances over three weeks at Campfield Market Hall, as part of the Manchester International Festival, The first performance is set to take place on June 30. The performances will include two brand new instruments created by Icelandic organ maker Björgvin Tómasson. He’s created a small organ controlled via MIDI equipment, and a rebuilt celeste that incorporates the sounds of an Indonesian gamelan.

I love to experience what artists like Bjork and the Gorillaz (with The Fall album) explore the possibilities of new technologies such as the iPad as not performance and recording tools, but as mechanisms to release and share their