Aussie Theme Park Promotes New Coaster with ‘Tighty Whitey’ Vending Machine

Abyss - Adventure Park Undies Vending Machine

Billed as Australia’s most thrilling coaster, Abyss a new $12 million rollercoaster is open now at Adventure Park near Perth. With 3 inversions, a 100 foot drop and speeds reaching up to 85 km, the ride is sure to provide

To promote the new ride, agency SHEDcsc created a special vending machine stocked with fresh, clean underpants. The packages also included a fact sheet with details about the new ride.

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Australian Online Bookstore Creates Pop-Up Book Stop for Commuters

Bookworld Bus Stop Bookshelf

As part of a Christmas campaign, Australian online store Bookworld has created pop-up book stops at bus shelters around Sydney and Melbourne. Interested commuters were free to help themselves to any books that they wanted.

The campaign created by ad agency VCCP, hopes to remind Australians that Bookworld, with over 13 million books, is a local alternative to large international booksellers companies like Amazon.

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Tour the Hot Spots of Melbourne Live with Remote Control Tourist

Melbourne - Remote Control Tourist

Melbourne is a popular destination for tourists, but travelling to the city located on the south west cost of Australia can be an expensive proposition from this part of the world.

Thanks to Remote Control Tourist, an interactive project from Tourism Victoria, you can save a few bucks and still get a live first-person view of the city’s hot spots.

For 8 hours a day from October 9 to 13, Remote Control Tourist will enable voyeuristic tourists from around the world to view live streaming video from the head-mounted cameras of the two person team. Viewers can switch between the two camera views, track the camera-wearers on Google Maps and offer suggestions to where the subjects should go next.

The project was created by ad agency Clemenger BBDO, Exit Films, and Tool director Jason Zada, famous for his 2011 viral sensation ‘Take This Lollipop‘.

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100 Year-Old Australian Pub Shuts Off the Beer in Schweppes Cocktail Revolution Stunt

Schweppes - A Pub with no Beer

The Old Hepburn Hotel in Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia has been serving up beers for thirsty locals since for over a hundred years. However, one thing it is not known for is it’s fancy cocktails. As part of Schweppes Australia’s ongoing Cocktail Revolution campaign, agency GPY&R Melbourne convinced the pub’s owners to shut off the beer taps for one day.

The first video features the genuinely funny reactions (oh god, please let this be unscripted) of the pub’s regular patrons. Would the locals accept tiny umbrellas in their drinks, or would the Dooleys face their thirsty wrath.

Watch the results in the clip below.

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South Australia Tourism Uses Nick Cave Song to Lure Tourists to The Barossa Valley

South Australia Tourism - Barossa: Be Consumed

Not “every” song by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds is super-creepy. There’s the one about the wild roses down by the river, it only had one murder mentioned in the lyrics.

While the majority of his lyrics do indeed explore the dark side of the dark side of life (so dark I had to say it twice), the last place you might expect to hear lyrics like, “On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man. In a dusty black coat with a red right hand” would be in ad promoting tourism.

In a clip promoting the Barossa Valley, a major wine-producing region and tourist destination in South Australia, the dark moody lyrics and sounds of Cave’s “Red Right Hand”, first released on his 1994 album “Let Love In” are featured. The song adds an ominous tone to slow-motion scenes of a man carrying dead rabbits, a woman plucking a pheasant, plus bread being baked, sides of beef swaying and milk being “swished” in the dark shadows. All of these scenes lead up to an outdoor feast, that while a bit creepy, still has my mouth watering.

The spot titled “Barossa: Be Consumed” was created by Adelaide agency kwp! and directed by Australian filmmaker Jeffrey Darling. The ad will begin appearing on television networks starting June 2, followed by a digital and print campaign.

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Stunt Performers Tumble Down Mountain in Australian Ad for Schweppes

Schweppes Australia 'Tumble'

In a new Australian ad for Schweppes, a man somersaults, or as my mother used to say, “falls ass over tea kettles” down a snowy mountainside to the classical strains of Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘HMS Pinafore’.

As the man continues his fall through a grassy hillside and lush forest he’s joined by more tumbling people, before their gravity-fed experience comes to a splashing end in a pristine pool of bubbly water. The ad was shot in various locations on the north and south islands of New Zealand.

The spectacular ad, appropriately titled ‘Tumble’, was created by the Melbourne office of George Patterson Y&R, and directed by Steve Rogers for Revolver.

To create the spectacular tumbling performances, the stunt people used a combination of freestyle actions, air ramps and huge towers with complex rigging set ups that were removed in post-production.

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Hardware Chain Inspires Kiwis to Create DIY Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Mitre 10 - Celebrate Valentine's Day with DIY Love Songs

New Zealand hardware store Mitre 10 and ad agency DraftFCB are helping customers celebrate Valentine’s Day by demonstrating how to create DIY love songs using just a handsaw and a bow, or even a plastic coat-hanger if that’s all you have.

Demonstrating his musical skills in the video is Auckland retiree and 2-time saw world champion Alan Pitts. Pitts first heard the haunting sound of the hand saw on the radio in the 1930s, inspiring him to develop his own virtuosity over 70 years, even playing with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in Tim Finn’s ‘The Saw and the Tree’.

I would have loved to see this campaign expanded to encourage saw-playing contributions from customers, store managers and employers. As for music selections, I would suggest “I Saw Her Standing There”, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, or as suggested in the video, anything by The Carpenters.

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Nissan Australia Showcases Truck on 4×4 Track Shaped Like Beethoven Soundwave

Nissan Australia - Patrol vs Beethoven

‘Patrol Vs Beethoven’ is definitely one of those “I wish I was in the room during the client pitch” type campaigns.

To highlight the powerful yet refined qualities of the Patrol, Nissan Australia constructed a 4×4 track to match, based on the outline of the waveform from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

Next they invited Mr. 4×4 himself, Pat Callinan, host of TV series ‘Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures’ to take the Nissan Patrol for a precarious drive up and over the 5 storey high mountain of dirt.

‘Patrol Vs Beethoven’ was created by WhybinTBWA Melbourne.

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Human Lab Mice Race For Free Snacks in Australia

Fantastic Delights Hamster Wheel

A few months ago, Adelaide ad agency Clemenger BBDO created a snack vending machine that provided free packs of Fantastic Delites to people for pressing a big red button. Sounds simple, right?

What if you had to press the button 20 times? How about 100 times or 1000 times? Do jumping jacks or do a robot dance? See more here.

In the latest phase of the campaign, Fantastic Delights and Clemenger BBDO have upped their game with a human-sized mouse wheel and vending machine that gives out Vintage Cheddar (cheese, mice… I get it) and Red Onion flavour snacks. To earn their snack, people are asked to don up lab mouse costumes and must keep up with the pace of the wheel. For the quick-footed mice who reach the highest pace level, they must jump off and press the button before time runs out.


Smartraveller Travel Tales: Australian Woman Survives 360 Fall Foot from Broken Bungee Cord

Smarttraveller Travel Tales Competition

Australian Erin Langworthy was travelling in Africa when she and a friend decided to try bungee jumping. All was going well until her bungee cord snapped, dropping her 360 feet into the river below. The cord became stuck in the rocks and she couldn’t make it back to the surface, however she mustered the strength to free herself and saved her own life.

After the accident she was airlifted to a hospital in South Africa, where she received a call from the Australian Consulate in Canberra, who had been alerted when she didn’t arrive at her expected destination. Erin had registered her travel with Smartraveller before leaving on her trip, and had purchased full travel insurance that ensured treatment in a high-quality hospital and covered her $50,000 in medical bills.

While it may be difficult to find a story quite so dramatic as Erin’s, the Smartraveller Travel Tales Competition is looking for travel stories from Australians that benefited from the service, or others who had wished they had taken Smartraveller precautions. The submissions judged to be the best will win a share of $6000 in travel vouchers.

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