Warburtons Creates Limited Edition “All-Ends” Loaf for Facebook Fans

Warburtons - All-Ends

Some people may call it the noggin’ or the heel, while it seems most refer to the front and back slices of a loaf of bread simply as the “ends”.

When UK baking firm Warburtons posted an image of a new bread product called “All-Ends” on April Fools Day, most people got the joke. However, within the hundreds of Comments were several from people hoping that the product was real.

Due to the response, Warburtons decided to turn the joke into reality and a create a limited number of the “All Ends” for their most enthusiastic Facebook fans.

[via The Drum]


It’s No Joke. JetBlue Covers Flight Costs of April 1 Travelers Named April

JetBlue - Free Flights for AprilWhile brands like Google, BMW, Nissan and many others were celebrating April Fools Days with fake product announcements, JetBlue was keeping it real by offering a credit voucher equal to the cost of their flight to people (presumably women) with the first name April, who were flying April 1.

On the airline’s Blue Tales blog, the company’s Director of Media Relations April Dinwoodie (yes, April) explained:

“April 1st isn’t always fun and games for everyone. For many of us, it represents an annual tradition of mockery. We’re thrilled to take a moment and do something for those customers that might not look forward to starting their month with a day of teasing.”

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Kodak Launches LIVEprint Product with Kitten Printing Service

Kodak - Print Your Own Live KittensWill live kitten printing be the innovation that returns the KODAK back to it’s glory days? It’s just the first of many products to come from Kodak’s LIVEprint technology developed in their Rochester, NY labs (Hi guys! Waving from the other side of the Lake).

Starting this morning, at selected retail location, Kodak Picture Kiosks can now print live kittens. Customers can choose from 12 popular breeds, including Siamese, Burmese, Himalayan and American Shorthair.

More specials are coming; for Easter they’ll be a ‘Buy 2 Bunnies, get 10 Free Deal’ and a nationwide launch of ‘Bring a Puppy Home for the Holidays!’ is set for November.

Cute April Fool’s prank Kodak, but Monday I’d get back to saving your company from obsolescence, k?

If you are looking for a ‘real’ dog or kitten (or even bunny, maybe) check out the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies or Petfinder.com. Thanks Jennifer Johnston for the links.

WestJet Introduces Child-Free Cabins with Kargo Kids Program

WestJetThis morning Richard Bartrem, VP Communication at WestJet Airlines introduced a new service that comes as welcome news to exhausted parents and short-tempered airline customers.

The airline is introducing child-free cabins at select WestJet flights through a program called Kargo Kids. WestJet customer service agents will help parents load their kids into specially designed ‘travel toboggans’, and can relax as their children are whisked away on a magic carpet ride.

On board Kargo Kids Kounselors (I imagine it’s pelled with a ‘K’ also) will keep your kids entertained with plenty of toys and a state-of-the-art feed trough. Your kids will arrive safely along with the luggage and other kids at your travel destination.

But, don’t get too excited about booking those child-free flights just yet. If you look at the calendar you’ll notice today is April Fool’s day.

However, it is no joke that WestJet is offering people using the LOL12 promo code an extra 10% off on bookings made before April 3, 2012. More details on the deal at westjet.com/kargokids.