American Red Cross Teams Up With The Walking Dead for Brai… I mean, Blood Drive

The Walking Dead & American Red Cross - Use Your Brains. Give Blood.

The Walking Dead is back for Season 3 on October 14, just in time to inspire more nightmares and plenty of Halloween costume ideas. The show is also part of inspired partnership with the American Red Cross, to encourage blood donation with the ‘Use Your Brains. Give Blood’ campaign.

From September 24 to October 22, all blood donors at participating American Red Cross centers or blood drives are eligible to enter to win a trip to the set for a behind-the-scenes look at the show.

To further help promote the campaign, the show’s co-executive producer and special effects makeup designer Greg Nicotero created digital zombifications to several celebrities including Peter Jackson, Jimmy Smits and The Black Keys.

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AMC Sets Zombies Loose on the Streets of New York

AMC Put Zombies Back - NYC Experiment

The only thing that could be more terrifying than coming face-to-face with a brain-thirsty zombie, is the possibility of missing ‘Walking Dead‘ because Dish Network recently dumped AMC from it’s cable lineup. With the premiere of Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ only a couple of short months away, AMC has launched PutZombiesBack, an online effort to get AMC back on Dish.

As a stunt to promote the ‘Put Zombies Back’ effort, AMC transformed dozens of New Yorkers into elaborate zombies and set them loose onto the streets of Manhattan. The zombie horde included a shoppers, postman, parking officer, road repair workers, and even a hot dog vendor zombie (I imagine the health department will have an issue with flesh dripping onto the food).

While some people react in terror, others seem amused. Even the New York squirrels are inquisitive, and believe me this world does not need to have zombie squirrels on the loose. If this is any indication of how New Yorkers will act when the real zombie apocalypse happens, the walking dead will eat very well in the big Apple.

The closing scene with one lonely zombie dragging a Dish network satellite dish along the sidewalk says it all. “Zombies don’t belong here. Put them back on TV.”

[via Adrants]


Walking Dead Creator Designs a Zombie Survival Version of the Hyundai Elantra Coupe

Hyundai Undead

Hyundai has partnered up with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman for ‘Hyundai Undead‘ to celebrate the 100th issue of the comic book that the popular AMC series is based on.

Kirkman will be design a customized Zombie Survival version of a Hyundai Elantra Coupe complete with:

“A front-end custom zombie plow cow catcher with spikes, slatted armored window coverings, a roof hatch to allow passengers to shoot at walkers, an electric rear trunk to house weapons, all‐terrain/rally type tires, weapons storage compartments, a CB radio/PA system and more.”

A four-part video series documenting the fabrication of the car by Design Craft will be featured on the hyundaiundead website. The car will be unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego on preview night, July 11 at the Future US booth. A limited run illustrated owner’s manual will instruct driver’s on the proper use of the car’s special features.

There will a second Hyundai Elantra GT, this one wrapped in The Walking Dead’s 100th issue artwork. Residents of the U can register for their chance to take it home at


AMC and Bing Give Zombie-Wannabes a Chance to ‘Walk With the Dead’

The Walk With the Dead Stagger On Role Sweepstakes with BingAMC’s Zombie series’The Walking Dead‘ is back for Season Two on Sunday, October 16, and Microsoft Bing is offering a lucky viewer a chance to appear on a future episode with the Walk With the Dead Stagger-On Role Sweepstakes.

The winner will receive roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodations for two (to somewhere near where they are shooting), a visit to the set of The Walking Dead Season 3 and a chance to get transformed into a flesh-eating zombie for a stagger-on role on the show.

Check out the great TV spot created by the Atlanta offices of ad agency Bark Bark. As you’ll see, Bing is great when you’re searching for advice on ‘Dating an Actor’ OR ‘Eating an Actor.

Unfortunately the contest is only open for Zombies in the United States. Local Canadian zombies will have to make due with the Toronto Zombiewalk next weekend.

AMC’s Breaking Bad Introduces Jesse Pinkman Interactive Graphic Novel

Breaking Bad - The Cost of Doing Business Graphic Novel GameWe’re already several episodes into Season Four of AMC’s Breaking Bad and the intensity level is ramping up. AMC has always had great extra features supporting the show on their website. This year we have a weekly podcast, blogs by Hank and Marie and an interactive Gale crime scene evidence file.

But the coolest addition this year is the The Cost of Doing Business – an interactive graphic novel game featuring Jesse Pinkman. In the game you play Jesse’s role trying to deal with prostitutes, sleazy lawyers (yes, Saul makes an appearance), a hitman and dangerous thugs to get as much of your stolen money back as you can. Your success depends on how your react to the other characters, threatening them, paying them off or providing them with meth. Or, in one scene you must beat the high score on a video game called Alien Slaughter to get crucial information from a pair of thugs in a bar.

This isn’t the first time that Breaking Bad has created a graphic novel based on a character. In Season Three viewers were asked to help DEA Agent Hank Schrader try to outsmart a criminal in The Interrogation.