Window Washer Invites High Rise Workaholics to Ultimat Vodka Party

Ultimat Vodka Window Washer

Back in the 1960s, the idea for the unofficial ‘Summer Friday’ holiday was hatched as New York ad agencies realized that during summer, productivity tended to drop to zero on Fridays. Although after watching five seasons of Mad Men, productivity seems pretty suspect all week long. I can’t imagine Roger Sterling anywhere near the office by the time Friday afternoon rolled around.

In an attempt to re-introduce the concept of ‘Summer Fridays’ to today’s dedicated white collar workaholics, ad agency Amalgamated dressed a window washer in a suit and had him personally workers at the 1 State Street Building out for drinks on behalf of their client Ultimat Vodka. The stylishly-dressed window washer held up a series of signs that read “Do You Ever Leave The Office?”, “Come Have A Drink (On Us)”, “Stop Working. Start Drinking”, and “Have You Heard About Fresh Air? It’s Amazing!” advising these overworked souls on less work and more play.

For the high-rise employees who managed to tear themselves away from their meetings and spreadsheets, cool drinks were waiting for them a few blocks away at the Beekman Beach Club on Pier 17.

Since being released last Thursday the video has chalked up over a million views on YouTube.