Temptations Create “Work It Kitty”, the Ultimate Aerobic Workout for Cats

Temptations "Work it Kitty"

The internet has transformed global communications in ways that no one could have fully predicted, and daily provides over 1.7 billion people worldwide with instant access to… well, cat videos.

Continuing along on the theme of “everything cat”, DDB Chicago has teamed up with Temptations for “Work It Kitty™”, a aerobic workout for your cat purportedly created by professional cat boarders Kate and George of The Best Little Cat House. You can read more about their story at workitkitty.com, along with bios of the dedicated cathletes like Banjo, Harley and Mr. Freckles.

If your cat is ready to go — assuming you’ve been able to wake him or her up from his 23.5 hours of daily kitty slumber — then download the track “I Don’t Wanna Dance” by Alex Gaudino ft. Taboo and get started.