Share Your Breakfast Pictures and Help Fight Hunger

For the social media naysayers who've been quick with the "I don't care what people have for breakfast" statement, Kellogg's new campaign Share Your Breakfast will make them nuts. But everyone eats breakfast, so maybe they won't mind eating their … [Continue reading]

Charlie Sheen, Winning… or Losing on the Web?

Booze and drug-fueled Las Vegas weekends with porn stars, emergency hospital stays, bizarre rambling interviews filled with outrageous quotes - and that's just in the first few months of 2011. Charlie Sheen has been a very busy boy recently, and now … [Continue reading]

Twitter Provides the Lowdown on Domino’s New Chicken

Somewhere last night between laundry, wolfing down supper and catching up on work I caught a bit of a Domino's Pizza ad that grabbed my interest. The ad features their chicken chef 'Tate Dillow', or Chicken Man as he's apparently called behind his … [Continue reading]

Spotify & NPR Listeners Get First Listen to REM’s Collapse Into Now

I don't really listen to 'radio' anymore. Its been years since I've commuted by car and listened to morning and evening drive shows. I like most people discover and share music through their friends on Twitter, Facebook and Blogs or music services … [Continue reading]

The News360 iPad App is Like Crack for this News Addict

As long as I can remember I have always been a news addict. A habit that has been passed down from my father back in Nova Scotia. An early picture even shows me struggling to open a copy of Sports Illustrated. I would read the local newspapers front … [Continue reading]

Social Media & the NHL Trading Deadline

Today is one of those days that Canadian Hockey Fans circle on the calendar. It's NHL Trade Deadline day and hockey fans are tuned in everywhere, by television, radio and especially by the internet and mobile. For those who don't know, the NHL … [Continue reading]

Misdirected Red Cross Tweet Turns into Social Media Lesson

This weekend at Podcamp Toronto, I had several conversations about being authentic and using your natural voice to engage with your friends or customers on social media platforms. I know that's not exactly earth-shattering news or a new conversation, … [Continue reading]

PodCamp Toronto 2011: Tips and Recommendations

With over 1400 digital media professionals and enthusiasts registered for PodCamp Toronto 2011, things are going to be busy at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson this weekend (that's at the north-east corner of Gould & Church Streets for … [Continue reading]

Instagram’s Success Lures Brands into the Picture

iPhone app Instagram is one of the hottest tech properties out there right now despite its lack of a traditional web presence. It does display a page images shared by its users on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. Virtually all the interaction takes place … [Continue reading]

Checking In On Foursquare

Foursquare is coming up on its second birthday March 11. I'm not sure what that equals out to in human years but in social networking platform years it means its high-time for this location-based company to grow up and make something useful out of … [Continue reading]