Zapd: Simple Website Publishing From Your iPhone

Zapd is my super-awesome, favorite iPhone app of the moment. Launched this week by Seattle startup Inkd, the app allows you to create a simple website in the matter of seconds. First you select your theme, then add text, photos and links. Next you … [Continue reading]

Bank Provides Free Gifts to Travelers Via QR Card Signage

Two things that we always emphasize to our clients when we are planning digital experiences; (1) make sure you are providing value to the user, and (2) don't out roadblocks in your user's path. The campaign - which was launched in October - created … [Continue reading]

Air New Zealand gets ‘Fit to Fly’ with Richard Simmons

While I'm not sure whether this video will have people dancing in the aisles or dashing to the emergency exist of Air New Zealand flights, it certainly has captured the imagination of viewers on the web with 40,000 views in its first day. Fitness … [Continue reading]

CNN Begins Experimenting with On-Air QR-Codes

Today I came across CNN using an on-screen QR Code to direct viewers to additional content on their mobile site. After researching a bit online, it turns out that the cable news channel began using these last weekend. CNN has consistently been … [Continue reading]

A 1000 Cranes for the People of Japan

The world has watched in horror and disbelief as the powerful earthquake and tsunamis on march 11 left thousands dead or missing throughout northeast Japan. The devastation, powerful aftershocks and subsequent nuclear plant problems have left … [Continue reading]

Ford Puts New Grand C-Max Into Customers Hands Using Augmented Reality

In late February Ford of Britain launched the an augmented reality campaign using Panasonic's new 3D depth imaging technology to promote its new Grand C-MAX. The user interface is based on natural movement and hand gestures rather than using printed … [Continue reading]

Macy’s Uses QR Codes to Promote Backstage Pass to Spring Style Tips

The adoption of 2D barcodes over the past year has been steadily increasing. What was once considered an oddity (at least in North America) when we first used one back in 2008 is now being used by more small businesses and mainstream retailers each … [Continue reading]

Spring Is Here and So Is TwestivalTO

I've always been amused by people who ask me if ever have time to meet people in real life. I think they believe that most of us who are heavy users of social networks spend our days and nights typing away in dark basements, ordering in food and … [Continue reading]

Gorillaz iPad Project ‘The Fall’ Gets Traditional Release in April

The Fall, a collection of songs that Damon Albarn (mostly) performed and recorded on his iPad during the Gorillaz 32-day North American fall tour will finally be made available as a traditional digital download, CD and vinyl release. The 15 tracks … [Continue reading]

‘Girl Walks Into a Bar’ Premieres on YouTube to 260,000 Viewers

On Friday March 11, Girl Walks Into a Bar, the first feature length movie specifically made for the Internet made its debut on the YouTube Screening Room. By Sunday night more than 260,000 people had viewed the 90 minute comedy. According to the … [Continue reading]