Alfa Romeo Creates a Big Splash Busting Through 2500 Water Balloons

Alfa Romeo Aqabatics ChallengeTo celebrate the launch of the Mito Quadrifoglio Verde (now, that’s a mouthful), Alfa Romeo UK decided that they would break the record for most water balloons burst by a car. I did spend a few minutes ‘on the Google’ and couldn’t find any previous attempts, so good for them.

To break the record Alfa Romeo hired renowned UK stunt driver Terry Grant to pilot the Mito; and a team filled and assembled 2500 water ballons in the shape and colours of the Alfa Romeo logo on the tarmac at Rockingham Motor Speedway. Once the carnage had stopped, Grant had destroyed all but 4 of the water balloons.

To extend the fun, Alfa Romeo created a contest for their Facebook brand page. They created a grid on top of the logo of water ballons. Facebook uers try to guess which area of the grid contains the reamining balloons and they’ll win a day at the track with Alfa Romeo. To be eligible to win, participants are required to be 18 and have a valid UK driver’s license. (which is not me)

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