Aussie Underwear Brand Presents a Unique Take on ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’

Bond's 12 Days of ChristmasAs Christmas presents go, new underwear usually falls very low on the my holiday wish lists. That might change if underwear adverts were more exciting, like this example from iconic Australian underwear and clothing brand Bonds.

The advert features actress Rachel Taylor as the ‘Partridge in a Pear Tree’ and a cast of 60 other talented Aussies skateboarding, dancing, leaping, drumming, swimming and well… 8 mates a drinking milk while sliding across the floor in their socks.

It’s all part of Bonds unique take on the 12 Days of Christmas. Besides the 60 second example embedded above, the commercial was also produced as 12 separate 10 seconds ads that each featured one part of the familiar carol. The products are all grouped on an area of their online store as the 12 Deals of Christmas.

The most striking part of the ad (besides the 9 ladies dancing) is the rumbling baritone vocals of Sydney singer/songwriter Jack Ladder (real name Tim Rogers).

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  1. Nice find, Randy! 

  2. J. S. Allen says:

    It’s just a shame they had to rip off Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” to do it.

    • Randy Matheson says:

      I just went back and listened to ‘Atmosphere’ – it really does sound like it. Nice catch

    • It’s also a shame Bonds charge an absolute mint for basic cotton items!
      $30 for a thin sweater that you can’t even try on because it’s in a
      sealed plastic package, sold in a supermarket? Sod off, Bonds.

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