Volkswagen Netherlands Builds the Social Media Fanwagen for Facebook Fan

Volkswagen Fanwagen EditionVolkswagen Netherlands is going to build and give away the world’s most social car, and they’re asking their Facebook fans to select which classic Volkswagen; the Beetle or the T1, becomes the ‘VW Fanwagen’.

Each vehicle will feature a dashboard-mounted Feed-o-Matic that prints out the latest updates from your newsfeed; a ‘poke button’ (actually the horn) sits on the steering wheel and a manually updated relationship status indicator below the rear license plate that’ll keep other driver’s informed of your intentions.

Privacy settings are included in the form of window-curtains, a note pad enables instant updates that can be pinned to your (corkboard) wall. The car comes in Social Blue, Cool Comment Grey, Zuckerberg Silver and Winterkorn White (named after Dr. Winterkorn, VW CEO). Check out the Owner’s Manual for the T1 and Beetle yourselves.

The first vehicle that reaches 20,000 ‘Likes’ will become the Fanwagen (so far the T1 is leading the Beetle with 68% of the ‘likes’), and upon completion the first eligible participant (you have to be 18 and have a Dutch driver’s license) to claim the vehicle gets to drive it away.

The campaign was created by Dutch agency Achtung!

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