Twitter Provides the Lowdown on Domino’s New Chicken

Domino's Chicken Chef Tate DillowSomewhere last night between laundry, wolfing down supper and catching up on work I caught a bit of a Domino’s Pizza ad that grabbed my interest. The ad features their chicken chef ‘Tate Dillow’, or Chicken Man as he’s apparently called behind his back.

What grabbed my interest was the delivery box that Domino’s CEO, Patrick Doyle holds up halfway through the commercial (you can view the embedded video below). Printed on the box is the question, “Did we get it Right?” with the options ‘Nope, Almost or Yes, We Did’. I thought this was a great idea, get valuable feedback right there while the customer is consuming the product.

Patrick Doyle has been at the forefront of the Domino’s efforts in recent years to make their marketing more transparent He was there in April 2009, reassuring customers after two employees at a North Carolina Domino’s posted videos showing themselves blowing their noses on pizzas (amongst other things). He was there in the fall of 2009 as part of the ‘Oh Yes We Did’ campaign, when Domino’s changed their pizza recipe showcasing customer complaints about the old one. In July 2010, Domino’s launched ‘Show Us Your Pizza‘, asking customers to post pictures of their pizzas for a chance to win $500 and be part of a national marketing campaign.

I had high hopes for the on-box evaluation form. I imagined the form to be perforated with paid postage printed on the back, then I realized this wasn’t 1982.  The customer is asked to provide feedback through Twitter using the hashtag #dpzchicken or on the Domino’s Facebook wall. Seeing Twitter (and Facebook) being used for this kind of instant customer feedback shows once again how mainstream it has become in 2011.

Judging by a quick glance at the feedback in Twitter, Tate may have something to worry about. The tweets, positive and negative, are being pulled in and displayed unfiltered on the site under the headline ‘See What People are Saying About Tate’s new Chicken’.

While its admirable that they are showing the Twitter stream of reviews, they are definitely turning me off giving this product a try. (I’m also in Canada, and the delivery cost would be crazy)


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