Volkswagen Canada Unleashes Out-of-Home AR Experiences for the New Beetle

Volkswagen Canada Beetle Augmented RealityIf you’re in Toronto over the next few weeks and you’re near Dundas Square, you’ll see large billboard advertising the launch of the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. The displays come to life when viewed through an Augmented Reality iPhone app available at

When viewed through the AR app the tall billboard located to the west of Yonge Street opens up and a massive skateboard ramp pushes itself out of the building. A red VW Beetle speeds down the ramp and performs spins and tricks high in the air. It really is pretty cool when you see the ramp appearing above your head.

The smaller billboard located on the north-east corner of Yonge and Dundas will show a beetle ripping back and forth through the other signage above and around it, while a smaller transit shelter cracks up, revealing a deep tunnel and a beetle speeding directly toward the viewer.

All three OOH experiences are triggered not by an ugly marker but by an unobtrusive rectangle that fits in nicely with the existing creative. Instructions to download the app are clearly communicated on the billboard, and I like the use of a vanity URL being used to access the app store.

The creative is from Toronto’s Red Urban with animation by Bully! Entertainment. The technology is licensed comes from London-based AR innovator String.

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