Heinz Uses QR Code to Connect Ketchup Fans to Eco-Themed Contest

Heinz Ketchup QR CodeTo promote the adoption of Coca Cola’s Plantbottle technology, Heinz Ketchup has launched a eco-themed sweepstakes. US diners who find one of the ‘Guess What My Bottle is Made Of?  ketchup bottles on their table can simply scan the code on the back or text to 5700 to enter. (you can also enter by going to the Heinz Plantbottle website)

Answer a simple green-related trivia question (it doesn’t matter is you’re wrong or right) and you could win a hybrid or electric car (they don’t name the brand, just that the car will be rewarded when it becomes available), or a getaway for four to the Tiskita Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica.

I’m dying to see numbers from any of the recent campaigns that use QR codes to connect mobile users to online content. I know that the number of people scanning QR codes compared to the number who text a shortcode or typing in the URL is very small.

This experience is simple, quick and well thought-out; the bottles are on the table where they can easily be scanned by the diner as they wait for their food; the call to action on the back of the bottle is clear, and the mobile site is well designed. The whole experience took about 90 seconds from scan to contest entry.

The contest is open to residents of the US and runs until September 30.



  1. I like the idea in general, but I wish they had not included the captcha, pretty hard to read and complete on my mobile screen.

    • On my the captcha automatically ‘zooms in’ meaning I now have to scroll around to read it as I enter the words in the text area. Also didn’t help that my captcha contained french accents

  2. Larry Davis says:

    It is awesome to see big business stepping up in the last
    few years to make changes in areas that affect our lives.  I saw some report recently on some news
    show like fox news and The Journal with Joan lunden on PBS that were talking
    about the importance of industry stepping it up in recycling.  If other companies begin to follow
    Heinz and coke, over time it could drastically reduce effects we will see in
    the future.


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