American Institute of Architecture Hosts Barbie Dream Home Competition

Architect Barbie - AIA Barbie Dream Home CompetitionThe winner of the AIA Architect Barbie Dream House Design Competition is the design submitted by Ting Li, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP and Maja Paklar, Assoc. AIA. The competition was put together in May by the American Institute of Architects to engage with the new ‘I Can Be… Architect Barbie’. Mattel is promoting architecture as its ‘Career of the Year’ to encourage girls to consider the field when they grow up.

The first level of the house is for entertaining while the second floor is all business with office space and a library. Barbie’s private space is on the third level while the fourth level features an awesome meditation space and exercise room and the roof features a garden and solar panels. Check out the details of the house here.

“The intent of the partnership with Mattel to promote the launch of Architect Barbie was to engage and inspire young girls to experience the world of architecture and the range of possibilities that design thinking offers,” said AIA President, Clark Manus, FAIA. “We are thrilled that this initiative was so well received by the public and congratulations to the finalists and especially the winners of the design competition, Ms. Li and Ms. Paklar. Their submissions did an excellent job of showcasing the innovative approaches that architects reflect in the design of projects of all types.”

It’s too bad that the winning design won’t actually be produced by Mattel, but a $1000 donation will be made to CHAD, a charter highs school in Philadelphia that focuses on design and architecture.

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