Damned Ponies Power This Weird Brazilian Nissan Truck Ad

Nissan Damned Ponies!This Brazilian commercial for the Nissan Frontier may just win the award (if they have one) for the weirdest truck commercial ever. Thank goodness I don’t understand Portuguese, otherwise the first time I saw this ad I would have been far more freaked out than I was.

In this ad for the Nissan Frontier pickup we watch an unlucky driver get his truck stuck in the mud. Frustrated, he yells out ‘Damned Ponies!! He opens the hood and we see that his truck is indeed powered by a trio of “pôneis malditos” (damn ponies) prancing happily on a merry-go-round.

The ponies then sing their song “Damned ponies, damned ponies, come get stuck with us. I hate mud, I hate sludge… what a yuck!! I won’t get movin’.” Watch a version of the ad with subtitles.

Just when you thought it was over a pink pony prances out and says “Hey you, don’t close that video yet, let me tell you something”. Then the pony changes into an evil black horse with blazing red eyes and a voice straight out of a hell says “If you don’t show this video to ten people, you will suffer the curse of the pony. You will live the rest of your life with this song stuck in your head!”

At the end of the video there is a link to www.maldicaodoponei.com.br, where visitors can send a curse to their friend or post a video of their own curses. Brazilians must be huge fans of curses or animated ponies as the original ad posted on YouTube features nearly 3.5 million views in the 4 days since July 29.

The ad was created by São Paulo agency Lew’LaraTBWA. Now all that’s left are the lawsuits from My Little Pony.


  1. Flávio R.A says:

    OMG! Funny!

  2. This it’s not weird if you know what they’re saying, so don’t talk things you don’t know…

  3. I live in Brazil and have to put up with this irritating ad, which has gone viral and become the big hit of the season.  They must have been inspired by an old Nissan ad that was the subject of a lawsuit by Mattel. I hope the folks at Hasbro get on the ball if for no other reason than giving these so-called creatives a little corrective lesson in the courts. 

  4. This commercial will be judged by the Conar, ’cause people says “Damned Ponies associates a children symbol with the word Dawned” (sorry, I’m brazilian and I’m a “noob” speaking english) aff  ¬¬

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