Band-Aid’s ‘Hurt to Happy Project’ Helps Fund Childhood Music Education

Band-Aid - The Hurt to Happy Project“I am stuck on Band-Aids brand, ’cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me”.

Who could forget that famous jingle first made famous in the 1970s? Here’s some trivia, this was one of the jingles written by Barry Manilow for McDonald’s, State Farm and many others.

Band-Aid Canada has launched a campaign on their Facebook page celebrating that famous jingle. Each day that you visit The Hurt to Happy Project and successfully play the “Stuck on Me” jingle, Band-Aid Canada will donate $1 to The Royal Conservatory Early Childhood Education program to help kids in need get the music education they deserve.

At this moment there are 3 different instruments to play; guitar (shown at left), accordion and kazoo. Notes move across the screen and the user must press various keys on their keyboard to play them. If successful, the user earns a badge that they can share to their Facebook profile.

What I love about this campaign is; it’s fun, it’s easy to participate, it’s for a great cause and I get to show off my bad-ass kazoo skills. Just check out the badge on my Facebook profile if you don’t believe me.

Visit Band-Aid Canada’s Facebook page and help out today.

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