Weetabix UK Uses “Pay-by-Picture” to Distribute Free Samples of Breakfast Snack

Weetabix 'Pay by Picture'

In recent years brands have been experimenting with ways to connect TV content with mobile devices, including apps such as Shazam that deliver coupons based on matching audio ‘fingerprints’, or any number of desperate attempts to have viewers jump up off the couch to capture QR codes on their screen.

Weetabix has removed the app from the equation and is offering a free sample of their “On The Go” breakfast biscuits for anyone who captures a picture of a TV ad with their smartphone or tablet. The #TAKETHEBISCUIT ad, which appeared during a commercial break of ITV soap Emmerdale process is dubbed “Pay-by-Picture”, requires the viewer to bring their picture into a participating Boots store to receive their free sample.

“It is undoubtedly a brave move to replace financial currency with social currency, but we’re hoping that the 55% of people that currently use their smartphone whilst watching TV will take part in the unique retail initiative, try our new breakfast biscuit and become long-term customers,” said Weetabix brand manager Ben Cooper.

[via The Grocer]


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