Thirsty for Frozen Cherry-Lime Sauza-Rita? Why Not Make it With a Lifeguard

Sauza - Make it With a Lifeguard

Firemen and lifeguards may not be getting much respect at AXE these days (where astronauts rule), but Sauza Tequila still has work for these shirt-challenged hunks.

Last April, Sauza and ad agency Havas recruited a fireman (and a kitten in a beret) to demonstrate how to create a Sauza-Rita, while still fanning the flames of women everywhere. This time the tequila brand has gone seaside with a lifeguard (and a puppy), and he’s cooling things down with instructions on how to blend-up a Frozen Cherry-Lime Sauza-Rita.

– 3 cups of ice
– can of lime-ade
– cherry soda
– light beer
– Sauza

The ad isn’t without controversy, and it has everything to do with Anderson Davis, the actor portraying the shirtless lifeguard is also featured sans shirt in a very similar feeling ad for Kraft Zesty Dressing released only days before the Sauza ad was posted.

It turns out that the commercials were both shot within days of each other back in February, with Davis apparently making no mention of the campaign similarities to either agency. However, both ads appear to be heavily influenced by the 2010 Old Spice ads with Isaiah Mustafa.

[via BrandChannel]


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