Diesel+EDUN Promote Denim Collection with Pantsula vs. Puppet Dance-off

Diesel+Edun - Pantsula vs Puppets

After travelling to Africa in 2012 to explore each other’s programs in Uganda and Mail, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso and EDUN founders Ali Hewson and Bono joined forces to promote the apparel trade in Africa under the name Diesel+EDUN. Out of this collaboration comes a denim collection manufactured in Africa from cotton sourced through EDUN’s Conservation Cotton Initiative (CCI).

Beyond simply fashion, the campaign showcases young African artists in film, music, photography and literature, whose work is featured at StudioAfrica.Tumblr.com.

To promote the collection, Vice, UK brought in South African director Sean Metelerkamp to create a high energy short film featuring the talents of Real Action, a Johannesberg pantsula dance crew.

The clip “Pantsula vs Puppets” shot in Soweto (embedded below), shows the dancers competing head-to-head against a group of hot-stepping marionettes set to The Very Best & Moroka‘s track ‘Ndekha‘.

South Africa

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