Audi USA Facebook Page Reveals Exclusive Content Based on Klout Score

Audi USA Klout
This execution launched today on Audi USA’s Facebook page is sure to create more debate on whether a user’s Klout score should be used as a measure of influence. Audi USA is the first Facebook page to make use of a new application from Involver called Klout Coupons. When a user clicks to share their Klout score, the Facebook page reveals additional content based on their score, in this case a desktop wallpaper image of one their R18 TDI Le Mans prototypes.

We’ve seen several examples recently of so-called ‘Like-Gates’. A Facebook page will require a certain number of new ‘Likes’ to unlock music tracks, special episodes or preview trailers. This I believe is the first time that some measure of influence has been used to unlock content.

What are your thoughts? Do examples like this help to lend credibility to influencer scores and Klout in particular?

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