The Warmer the Day, the Less You’ll Pay for Budweiser in Ireland

I unfortunately missed this campaign from Budweiser in Ireland when it was first launched in late April.

The first you may be asking yourself is, “If I am in Ireland – a land of awesome beers like Guinness, Harp, Murphy’s and Beamish – is a Budweiser Ice Cold draught going to be my beer of choice?” Maybe, if you can save a few Euros or if it’s free you will.

Budweiser Ice Cold IndexThis summer Budweiser has launched the Ice Cold Index app offering beer drinkers throughout Ireland special deals based on the temperature. The campaign developed by DDB UK will award drinkers a free pint when the temperature in their area reaches 20°C. If the temperature reaches 18°C or 19°C outdoors the app will offer €2 off the user’s next pint, with €1 off if the temperature reaches 16°C or 17°C.

How it Works

A user checks the app to see what the daily offer is in their region. Temperatures for the current day are taken at noon in four different locations Ulster, Connacht, Leinster and Munster.

Once the offer is active, the user can use the Pub Finder to locate one of the 2,500 participating venues across Ireland.

In the pub the user requests the unique pub code from the staff. After the code has been entered the mobile voucher is active for 2 minutes before it expires. It must then be shown to one of the barstaff to claim your savings

Beer drinkers are eligible to use the app for one beer purchase per day. But, in a valiant effort to save drinkers from themselves they can access a voucher 4 out of any 7 day period.

The app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia. For instructions on other mobile phones, users can text the word ‘INDEX’ to 5040.

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