Willem Dafoe Stars as the Devil in Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Spot

Mercedes Benz Super Bowl 2013 'Soul'

Actor Willem Dafoe has the distinctive look and gravely voice that seem a natural fit to play the devil. In Mercedes-Benz’ Super Bowl a young man in a diner stares through the window as a billboard for the all-new CLA is being mounted across the street. A black-clad Dafoe materializes on the other table to the opening percussion of the Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy for the Devil‘ and an Faustian offer that the young man can have the car and everything that goes with it.

The young man imagines himself arriving at a Hollywood premiere, posing with Kate Upton for the paparazzi and dancing Usher. Next, he’s on the highway to Vegas before being chased by crowds of young girls, then racing against a Formula One car.

But before the devil can get his signature on the contract, the last corner of the billboard is completed showing that the car’s price starts at an affordable $29,000.

The ad was created by Merkley + Partners, and directed by Dante Ariola for MJZ.



  1. By far, this was the best commercial of Super Bowl 2013 and the only commercial I’ve watched about 10 times.
    A great story has a rise, pinnacle, fall and conclusion and this had it all. Willem was beyond the perfect choice for the devil.
    What would have been nice touch was if the chair that the devil was sitting on was left in flames when he disappeared to further show his anger.

  2. Mr. Randy 🙁 video market as “Private” won’t play …

    • That’s the challenge of embedding video, sometimes the original post(er), especially a brand removes or changes the visibility of content to hide ‘old campaigns’ – a quick search of Dafoe and Mercedes should bring up an alternative citizen-posting.

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