Thirsty? Nominate Your Neighbourhood for an OAK Milk Reverse Robbery

OAK Milk Reverse Robberies

On Tuesday, an intriguing post the OAK Milk Facebook page stated, “We’ve got a plan to put OAK in every fridge in the country. It involves latex gloves. And no safety word. Come back tomorrow.” Intriguing… and maybe a little unsettling.

Yesterday, the brand revealed that they were prepared to stage ‘Reverse Robberies’, stocking a Facebook fan’s local store with OAK milk and put an end to ‘HungryThirsty’ in another neighbourhood. Participants can win $150 of OAK Milk if their neighbourhood is chosen.

Wondering what ‘HungryThirsty’ is all about? And, who the rubber masks are supposed to look like? Check out the first ad from the campaign, first released last October, featuring a character known as Sargeant John Henry, said to be based on Ben Kingsley’s ‘Sexy Beast‘ character, Don Logan.

The video comes from Sydney creative agency The Monkeys.

[via AdRants]


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