Brewhouse Light’s Head-to-Head Cold Challenge Gets Nipply

Brewhouse Light - Head to Head Challenge

Brewhouse Light is an ward-winning beer, brewed by the independently-owned Great Western Brewing Company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was named the top Light (Calorie-Reduced) Lager in 2008 and 2010, and finished with a bronze in the 2012 competition announced back in June.

In this video, Brian and Colin present the first (in what may be a series) of head-to-head challenges between Brewhouse Light and other leading brands. Challenge one; which beer is the coldest. As Brian explains in the video, both beers were kept sitting trout-trap at the bottom of a glacier-fed creek for the past 6 weeks, and then kept on dry ice for the challenge. (well, maybe not really but I’ll play along).

It all goes along pretty well until Colin realizes that his nipples will be the ultimate indicators of coldness.

The campaign comes out of Vancouver agency Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc.

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