Peugeot Promotes Hybrid4 Features with Interactive Graphic Novel

Peugeot Hybrid4 Graphic Novel

French-automaker Peugeot is promoting its new 3008 Hybrid 4 with an interactive graphic novel titled ‘A Mission in Four Modes’. The graphic novel is presented as a a visually stunning parallax HTML5 website.

A parallax website is designed with multiple layered backgrounds that move at slightly different speeds creating an illusion of depth. recently posted 30 great examples of parallax scrolling websites.

A Mission in Four Modes features a female spy who’s trying to grab a few pictures of some secret information that she’s obviously not supposed to see. As the door blasts open and guns are drawn, we see the mission switch to ‘sport mode’ for a quick escape. Our heroine dives through the glass window and races away from the guard dogs, and the chase is on.

The story was illustrated by Gerald Parel (who has designed covers for Marvel) with site developed by Sylvain Tran for Paris agency BETC Digital.

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