iPawed? Friskies Launches Three iPad Games for Your Cat

Friskies' iPad games for catsIf you’re a cat owner you may have noticed your cat eyeballing you once or twice as you tried to three-star that last level of Angry Birds on your iPad. Cats are a very important element of the interwebs, after all, if it wasn’t for cat videos YouTube would lose half of it’s traffic.

Now thanks to Purina and Friskies your cat doesn’t have to miss out on all the interactive fun. They’ve developed three games designed specifically for your feline friends: Cat Fishing, Party Treasures Hunt and Party Mix-Up. You can watch them out in the video below or go toGamesForCats.com and try them out for yourself.

The three games were built using HTML5 and CSS3 and can also work on other tablet platforms like Android. Friskies does point out that your iPad glass surface should stand up to your cat’s claws without any problem, however if you have any kind of plastic covering it could get damaged.

So wake up Fluffy, Blackie and Lady MeowMeow and let’s catch a few fish.

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