2013 Volkswagen Jetta Ad: Missing Car Keys and the Guilty Bulldog

Volkswagen 2013 Jetta - Lost keys

Between January and November, 2011, US pet insurance provider VPI received over 6,500 claims of pets swallowing foreign objects. The list of objects recovered include everything from a scented candles, an unfortunate GI Joe and a wedding ring.

As any pet owner knows, surgery to remove a foreign object from the stomach on intestine of a pet can be expensive, as much as $1,900 according to information on the VPI website. The insurer provides an article on how to spot whether your pet has swallowed a foreign object and some steps to help prevent the problem from happening.

Speaking of pets and foreign objects, Volkswagen’s new spot for the 2013 features the case of a missing set of car keys and a guilty-looking bulldog. Based on the reaction of the owner, this may not be the first time that something has disappeared around the house.

The song in the ad is ‘Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog‘ by Johnny Cash.

The ad was created by Deutsch LA.


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