Los Angeles Mechanic Uncovers the #FirstHonda Imported to the US

Honda #FirstHonda

Honda is looking for people to share stories about the #FirstHonda they owned. They’re kicking off the campaign with the story of Tim Mings. As a kid, Tim worked with his father on Honda N600s on the weekends.

The Honda N600 was first introduced to North America in 1969 as a 1970 model, with around 25,000 of the cars sold before being replaced with the first generation Civic in 1973.

Naturally, Tim’s first car was a Honda N600, and he eventually turned his hobby of fixing the cars into a career as the only full-time Honda N600 mechanic in the world (according to the video). Tim recently discovered N600 Serial Number 1, the very first Honda officially imported into the US, and has begun a careful registration of the historic vehicle.

The #FirstHonda campaign comes from Santa Monica agency RPA.


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