Meanwhile Downunder: Bonds Stages an Epic Underpants Dance-off

Bonds - What's Your Shape?

‘The Hipsters’ versus ‘The Quick Drys’… ‘The Cool Its’ versus ‘The GuyFront trunks’.. ‘The Comfy Tops’ versus ‘The Tails’? Not since the Jets rumbled against the Sharks in West Side Story has their been a dance-off like this, and seriously folks, who doesn’t love dancing in their underwear with a few of their closest friends.

Australian underwear brand Bonds wants to know ‘What’s Your Shape?’ and you could win a drawer full of undies for you and five of your mates. Just wander over to the Bonds Facebook page and choose which group you want to ‘hang’ with (oh yes, I went there). Right now, the Hipsters and are way out in front, with the Tails in second.

If you want to strip down, then get down with your bad self – you can download an mp3 of the music from the ad on the Facebook application as well… maybe just remember to draw the curtains.

The campaign was created by Banjo Advertising with the Facebook application developed by WiTH Collective.


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