Vitaminwater France Celebrates the Triumphs of Everyday Athletes

Vitamin Water Athletes

Usain Bolt, Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps; these are just three of the superstar athletes that captured the world’s attention during the last two weeks of the London Olympics. But, what about those millions of regular everyday folks who are playing their favorite sports without the world’s attention?

To give these everyday athletes a thrill (although a few in the video don’t look particularly thrilled at the attention) Vitaminwater France hired a real sports commentator to hide in the bushes near sport locations and provide a running description of the athletes activity. Maybe something is lost in translation, but hearing the announcer implore the swimmer with, “Don’t stop, little salmon, don’t give up! Go lay your eggs all the way up that podium” is a little weird.

No medals were on the line for these folks, but they were offered up bottles of Vitaminwater for their athletic effort. Stay hydrated little salmon.

The campaign was created by Sid Lee Paris.

[via popsop]


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