TNT Promotes ‘Perception’ With Electromagnetic Dot Display Window

TNT Perception - Electromagnetic Dot Display

Electromagnetic dot displays (aka flip-disc display, flip-dot displays) may be best known for being used on the arrival/departure boards at bus stations, airports and scoreboards. A sign can be made up of hundreds (or thousands) of individual two-sided magnetized discs. One side of the disc is usually black and the other side is a bright colour such as white or fluorescent green. When a current is sent through the closely coupled electromagnetic coil the disc will flip to one side, it remains in that position the current is reversed through the coil flipping the disc to the opposite side.

Brooklyn-based digital shop Breakfast leveraged electromagnetic dot display to create an interactive display to promote the new TNT drama ‘Perception’ starring Eric McCormack. McCormack’s character, Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuro-scientist who assists the FBI in cases that include anagrams (are there a lot of those?).

Breakfast used the idea of anagram-solving and filled the sign with what appear to be hundreds of random words. The sign made up of 40,000 individual discs was programmed to spin from black to white 15 times faster than they were designed. As people walked past the sign the words would fall away revealing a hidden phrase.

The window display will in place at 32nd St. and 6th Ave., New York until July 29th.



  1. Marsha Lowell says:

    is such a cool idea! I’m not too sure how it relates to Perception but, hey, it
    has succeeded in getting me intrigued about the show! I had barely heard about
    the series prior to this, other than a few Dish coworkers mentioning it in
    passing, so I’m surprised to see such an elaborate ad campaign. Do you know
    when the show airs? I am going to have to set my DVR for it. Luckily, I have
    the Hopper DVR box that is loads of recording space so, if the advertising
    turns out to be the best part of the show, at least I didn’t sacrifice a
    substantial amount of memory on it. Kudos to whoever thought up this marketing

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