Cardboard Suits and Tin Foil Underpants: Ikea Imagines a World Without Textiles

Ikea - Life Without Textiles

Ikea has released a new video where they imagine what a world without textiles might look like.

The cardboard suit does look a tad stiff and uncomfortable, but nothing compared to a close-call with cactus covered arm chair. The young mother’s dress consists of broken plates and cups and the baby’s clothes is made up of leaves. Seems the only soft and fuzzy thing in their lives is the rabbit, who I thought was about to be used as an impromptu towel after the shower scene.

Life doesn’t get much easier once the couple heads off to bed either. Their bed is made of hay with a log for a pillow, the man’s pajamas are made of grass and the wife’s is wearing flowers.

The music in the video is a rendition of the Bread classic ‘Everything I Own’ by Brooklyn band Maplewood.

The ad was created by McCann New York and directed by Olivier Babinet of Paranoid US.


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