Speedy VWs Face-Off Against Fast Talkers, Beat Boxers and More

Volkswagen Fast vs Fast

To help remind potential car buyers that their cars are not just sensible transportation, Volkswagen has created a series of tongue-in-cheek ‘Fast vs Fast’ challenges to demonstrate that their cars are nit just sensible, but speedy too. The challengers must demonstrate their speed skills before the car completes a lap… while riding along in the passenger seat.

The challengers include: Beat-boxer J-Flo, speed-talker Fran Capo, speed guitarist John Taylor, and Anthony Brooks, master Rubik’s cube solver.

Volkswagen isn’t messing around either, they’ve hired race car driver and stuntman Eric Norris, (son of ‘the’ Chuck Norris as their wheel man in the challenges.

The Fast vs Fast clips were created by Deutsch and produced by Recommended Media.

via Agency Spy

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