A 1000 Cranes for the People of Japan

1000 Cranes for Japan

The world has watched in horror and disbelief as the powerful earthquake and tsunamis on march 11 left thousands dead or missing throughout northeast Japan. The devastation, powerful aftershocks and subsequent nuclear plant problems have left millions of Japanese people homeless, displaced or living in fear of what could happen next.

BBDO/Proximity Worldwide has launched the 1000 Cranes campaign site to provide messages of hope from people around the world to the people of Japan. A Japanese legend promises that a crane – considered a mystical creature in Japan – will grant a person’s wish for a long life or recovery from sickness or an injury if they fold a thousand origami cranes. This makes them popular gifts for friends and family in that country.

If you’d like to create your own real origami crane, here are some easy-to-follow instructions.

In addition to sending a message, visitors can make financial donations directly to the Red Cross.

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