TD Bank – QR Code Links to Sunday Branch Finder

TD Bank - Open Sunday Transit ShelterOn Saturday the weather was finally nice enough for a casual walk around Port Credit. During that walk I spotted the bus shelter poster pictured to the right advertising TD Bank’s Sunday banking hours. I had almost walked right by, before I spotted the QR Code on the poster.

The ad copy reads, “Now Open Sunday at over 300 of our branches. Scan this QR Code or visit from your smartphone to locate a branch.”

I crouched down to scan the code (note to advertisers: puh-lease stop making me crouch down to scan these codes). My QR Code reader recognized the code and opened a mobile-friendly of TD Bank’s  branch locater in my mobile browser.

It’s a simple experience that provides exactly what it promises – the locations of the nearest TD Bank featuring Sunday hours. You can scan the code in the blowup to view the mobile site now.

What’s your feeling about QR Codes? I am seeing them used everywhere but I am still not convinced that people are actually using them in any significant numbers.


  1. Rhancock says:

    We haven’t reached critical mass yet, but I believe we will soon. I think TD’s use of the QR Code is spot-on: a direct link to their branch locater (I’m in advertising – and, btw, your point’s noted re. location of QR codes)). For those interested, it’s highly valuable info (answers the question, “Great, Sunday banking! Where?”) and a huge time-saver (one click to get to a branch locater page, instead of goodness knows how many every time I try online – love it!) AND it’s right where/when I need it – info available on my cell phone, while I’m on the go. Perfect.

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