TippExperience2: Travel Through Time With The Bear and the Hunter

TippExperience2 - Hunter and Bear Birthday PartyWay back in fall 2010 (before the launch of Instagram), French agency Buzzman unleashed the Tipp-Experience’ campaign to promote the Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse, a popular European correction product.

In the original TippExperience campaign a hunter (and his video-shooting buddy) are surprised by a bear. As the hunter raises the gun, he turns to the camera and asks the viewers whether he should shoot the bear or not. Once the viewer makes their choice, they are taken to YouTube where the hunter reaches out of the video frame and grabs the Tipp-Ex from the ad and covers up the word ‘Shoots’. The hunter then asks viewers to insert any word into the blank. There were several dozen options to keep viewers entertained, including dances with, marries, paints, etc.

In the new TippExperience2, the Hunter and the Bear are celebrating their first birthday, but the fun is interrupted by a meteorite. This time the viewer’s options are to ‘End the party’ or ‘Don’t end the party’. When the viewer arrive at YouTube, the Hunter uses the Tipp-Ex to cover up the year and asks the viewer to type in any year to continue the party.

There are 46 different scenes to watch, including 8 scenes that include interactions.

Here are a few of my favorites so far:

  • 0: yes, it goes there
  • 1979: working version of Pac-Man
  • 1989: drag the player to break through the Berlin Wall
  • 1991: Saved by the Bear! episode
  • 2000: Millenium bug
  • 2001: 9/11 tribute
  • 2080: use your computer’s microphone to blow out the candle

What’s your favorite clip?

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