Brazil Tourism Board Transforms YouTube Channel Into Interactive Vacation Planner

Brazil Tourism Board - YouTube Vacation PlannerBack in September I published a post about the creative ways that organizations are using their YouTube brand channels including Perrier’s ‘Le Club’, Dodge Journey Scavenger Hunt, Royal New Zealand Air Force’s Step Up recruitment campaign and Kiwibank’s Green Ops.

Brazilian tourism board is the latest to transform their YouTube channel beyond a simple library of videos to an interactive destination. The channel features 253 videos of various destinations and events around Brazil.

Visitors can filter the videos by selecting which month they are traveling, how long they plan to stay, who they are traveling with and what type of things they are interested in doing (from shopping to sports to nature). Visitors can add videos that interest them to their itinerary with the click of a button. Once the site visitor has selected their destinations, the itinerary can be saved and shared to their Facebook profile.

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