BBVA Foundation Raises Literacy Awareness with The Little Guy Inside the ATM

BBVA Foundation - The Little Man Inside the ATM

To highlight the issue of reading comprehension in Peru (it’s reported that 7 out of 10 children don’t understand what they are reading), the BBVA Foundation and their agency Volver d6 came up with an experience that touched it’s customers during a familiar everyday interaction with the bank’s ATM.

Instead of a basic video ad, they created a video illusion that a man had been placed inside the ATM. When a customer stepped up to the ATM, they were presented with an unreadable instruction screen. After a few seconds the video experience took over and the instruction screen appeared to be removed from the inside of the ATM. The man inside the ATM explained the issue of literacy to the customer and then provides instructions to how a donation can be made to the bank’s ‘Reading is Being Ahead’ right then and there during the transaction.

The case video reports that every week they reached 42,000 people with the campaign.