Buongiorno Tokyo! Milan Metro Stop Transformed Into Japanese Subway Station

Fastweb Milan Tokyo Subway Stop

Monday morning commuters on the Milan Metro arrived at Moscova Station to find themselves at what appeared to be a stop on the Tokyo subway. Milan-based agency M&CSaatchi had worked overnight to transform the station’s platform into Shibuya Station, one of the busiest stations on the Tokyo subway in a promotion for Italian internet-provider Fastweb.

The subway was staged complete with Japanese signage, advertising, and dozens of Japanese people posing as what everyday Tokyo commuters supposedly look like.

Having never visited Tokyo, I’ll have to rely on others to tell me if I would really see Geisha girls on a typical Monday morning commute.

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TaskRabbit Hops Around SXSW in Fuzzy Bunny TaskVan

TaskRabbit SXSW #Taskvan

Outside of the conference itself, SXSW is known for it’s meetups, late-night parties and general shenanigans. So, seeing a giant fuzzy bunny cruising down the street may not come to a shock to bleary-eyed, hard-partying festival-goers.

TaskRabbit, the online marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighborhood, is turning heads on the streets of SXSW this year in a fur-covered bunny van, complete with floppy ears and fluffy tail. With a hat-tip to the Mutt Cutts Van from the 1994 Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels movie Dumb & Dumber, the TaskVan is hopping from event to event handing our tshirts and other schwag to festival-goers.

TaskRabbit SXSW #Taskvan

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Beer-brand Sol Tempts London Business Blokes with Necktie Recycling Bin

Sol Beer - Necktie Recycling Bin

In this stunt for Sol beer, London businessmen passing through Canary Wharf underground station do a double-take as they pass by a recycling bin labelled ‘Ties’. The bin featured the message, “Lose the Tie, gain some Espiritu Libre”. After depositing their tie in the bin, the sound of hammering and sawing could be heard from inside, before what was left of their tie appeared attached to a coupon for a free beer.

In The Drum article Graham Wall, executive creative director at The Marketing Store, stated: “The tie can be a symbol of power and success, but it can also be seen as a shackle, part of the daily grind. We wanted to give office workers back a sense of their true selves – to make bold choices and be rewarded for it. The Espiritu Libre activity brings out that free spirited sense of liberation that every bogged-down city worker has in his heart.”

The campaign was created by the London offices of The Marketing Store.

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Creepy Hair Salon Stunt Scares-Up Interest for The Last Exorcism, Part II

The Last Exorcism Part II - Hair Salon Stunt

In 2010, the independently produced horror movie ‘The Last Exorcism’ became a major hit, grossing a total of $41 million, many times over it’s original budget of $1.8 million. The film generated buzz with a grassroots campaign on Chatroulette, in which a girl begins to unbutton her top before transforming into a frightening vision before the viewers eyes. A clip collecting the best of viewer’s reactions have generated millions of views on YouTube.

The sequel, creatively titled ‘The Last Exorcism, Part II‘, is due to be released this Friday. To help generate the same kind of online buzz for the sequel, CBS Films set up cameras in a hair salon and filmed the results as they scared the crap out of customers, thanks to an actress (in creepy possessed-look make-up) positioned behind a two-way mirror.

While the stunt is predictable and not well-produced (or at least the video isn’t), but that hasn’t stopped it from generating over 1.5 million views in less than a week.

[UPDATE March 3] The film wrapped up it’s opening weekend in fourth place, grossing $8 million.

Be warned: Video contains strong language and super-creepy visuals.

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New Zealand DJs Play Peeping Toms in ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ Stunt

Secret Life of a Call Girl - New Zealand promo

On November 19, More-FM drivetime host Clarke Gayford began discussing a provocative scene unfolding in the window of a home across the street. A woman, who appeared to be a prostitute was interacting with her clients in full view of the radio station’s broadcast studios. Over the next 2 days, the activity in the window became the talk of the show, with Gayford and his on-air team providing a play-by-play description for their listeners.

All was revealed (pun intended) on the third day as it turned out to the whole event was a stunt for the new season of ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl‘ on New Zealand’s Prime.

Agency DraftFCB Auckland had taken a brief calling for a 30 second radio ad, and turned into a stunt that played out on the air and on social media by their hosts and listeners of 3 of Auckland’s top radio stations.

Warning: clip contains a NSFW words (skip ahead to :24 to avoid)

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New Zealand

Parking Lot Installation Turns Drivers’ Everyday Cars Into Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels my Ride

Since their introduction by Mattel in 1967, more than 4 billion Hot Wheels cars have been produced, finding their way into the hands of children and avid adult collectors alike. While most of the common series of cars can be found for under $2, the highest price ever paid for a Hot Wheel was when a collector paid nearly $72,000 for an extremely rare 1969 pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb.

To help people envision their everyday car as a Hot Wheels car, agency AGE Isobar created a cool installation installation in a shopping centre parking lot in Sao Paulo.

Drivers could drive their car directly into a life-size replica of the Hot Wheels plastic blister package, and have their picture captured and shared on Facebook. The production crew captured images of nearly 3000 cars in just a week.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Invite Fans to “Break the Ice” for Free Signed Jerseys

Toronto Maple Leafs - Frozen Jersey

With the NHL lockout finally over after 625 lost regular-season games, the league is finally ready to get a shortened season underway this weekend. Teams around the league are eager to try to ease the bad feelings of some fans by offering everything from discounts on tickets and concessions, to free beer ‘samples’ from the Ottawa Senators. (Stop. You had me at ‘free beer’)

Here in Toronto, where there’s little doubt that fans will fill the Air Canada Centre tonight for the delayed season opener against the Montreal Canadians, the Maple Leafs organization had the city’s hockey fans abuzz with a unique promotion.

Autographed jerseys of Leafs stars were encased in blocks of ice and dropped off at 9 locations around Toronto. Fans were invited to keep the jerseys if they could get to them.


BMW Switzerland Recruits Backseat Singers to Create the World’s Fastest Christmas Song

BMW Switzerland - Fastest Christmas Carol

So, just how do you create the world’s fastest Christmas Song?

BMW Switzerland and their agency Draftfcb, Zurich first recruited a group the brave singers of Zurich A Cappella, and suited them with safety gear and strapped them into a new BMW M135i. Then set them loose on the Circuit de l’Anneau du Rhin with Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters pro driver Martin Tomczyk at the wheel.

Between squealing tires and screaming passengers the group did manage to get through a few verses of Jingle Bells before their adventure was over.

Not satisfied withe simply terrorizing vocalists, BMW Switzerland recruited illustrator, Gavin Patterson to create artwork for the ‘World’s Fastest Christmas Card‘ while riding shotgun with BMW precision driver Urs Inauen. The resulting art required labels to help identify Santa and his presents among the marker scribbles.

World’s Fastest Christmas Song

World’s Fastest Christmas Card

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Brazilian Telecom Company Connects Kids to Santa with a Magical Payphone

Oi Magical Payphone

I still do a ‘double-take’ when I notice a payphone on the street. It seems almost inconceivable (and yes, I said that like Vizzini in ‘The Princess Bride’) that this used to be the only way we had to get in touch with someone when we were out-and-about.

Brazilian telecom provider ttp://www.oi.com.br” title=”Oi” target=”_blank”>Oi, and their agency NBS created a Magical Payphone with a direct connection to Santa at the North Pole. Actually, Santa was played by two actors from Retiro dos Artistas (an institution that takes care of retired artists), who could watch the children’s reactions via a remote camera

But chatting with Saint Nick was only the start of the fun for these kids. As they spoke with Santa, lost elves wandered by, and gifts seemed to appear out of nowhere (thanks to sneaky members of the production crew). But there was more, Santa asked the kids to find the star on the pay phone, once pressed it triggered a 3D projection, snowflakes and a Christmas choir.

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South African Bug Killer Brand Promoted with Massive Billboard Made of Shoes

DOOM - Wall of Shoes

South African bug killer brand Doom and TBWA South Africa sought to illustrate their product’s killing power by comparing it to the most common form of “spur-of-the-moment” bug control, the shoe.

With nearly 100,000 species of bugs found in the country, that’s a lot of shoe smacking. The agency constructed a 22 metre tall billboard featuring 5771 shoes, carefully positioned to create a massive mosaic of a can of Doom. The public was then given the opportunity to win cash prizes by guessing the total number of shoes on the billboard.

This massive outdoor execution is in sharp contrast to the tiny bug dioramas set up in small building cracks earlier this year by DOOM and their agency.

South Africa